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Wi-Fi constantly breaks

In most apartments, the signal from your Wi-Fi router is not strong enough to reach all rooms in your home, especially in those with thick walls.

Apart from your own home, most routers only use default wireless settings, which means that surrounding Wi-Fi signals are likely to cause interference, which slows down everyone's connections.

If too many devices are connected to your Wi-Fi or the router is simply running for a while, it can simply freeze, forcing you to unplug and reset your Wi-Fi all together.

Wi-Fi routers are a major security liability

Most people never even try to access their configuration and only use default settings. Hence, most people never take the time to manually install security updates.

For most routers, automated security updates are not available at all and security updates are not distributed in a timely manner, leaving your router exposed with known vulnerabilities.

As your home router is the center of your home networking, it is a hot target for anybody interested in observing your activities or stealing your files and it hardly has security measures built into it. The same is true for Wi-Fi hotspots in public places or at work.

Take control of your internet!


Automated security updates

Ruuta receives security updates whenever they are available ensuring that your home network is always secure.

Mesh Wi-Fi networking

Ruuta is capable of creating mesh Wi-Fi networks. Using multiple Ruutas spread throughout your home, you can achieve fast and reliable Wi-Fi coverage everywhere.

Your own private cloud

Ruuta is the center of your private cloud. It can communicate with all your electronic devices at home and can serve as a secure location for all your files. Plug a hard drive to Ruuta and access them via the internet anywhere and any time via end-to-end encryption.

Automated fixes

Ruuta looks out for broken or unavailable connections, slow internet speed and other problems, detects them and applies fixes on its own, so you don't even realise that there was a problem in the first place.

A Wi-Fi router that "just works"

Setting up Ruuta is a breeze. No need to spend hours understanding your Wi-Fi config, you just plug it in and it configures its settings as much as possible on its own.

Mobile Apps

You can configure and monitor your Ruuta from our mobile apps. No more need to find that obscure configuration page in your web browser.